Active Temperature Controlled Solutions

Cavalier Logistics operate on a global platform to provide Active Temperature Controlled Shipping containers to the Biopharma and Healthcare community. These units are referred to as active units as they have an internal power supply and offer a precise temperature control capability. This temperature is regulated from a motorized compartment within the unit which achieves internal temperatures that can only fluctuate within +/- 0.5 °C from set temperature. Cavalier are often requested to ship pharma at +2 °C to +8 °C and   +20 °C to +25 °C in line with product manufacturers storage and transit conditions. Active units can offer this degree of temp control where passive shipping systems cannot.
Active shipping units are available in various sizes ranging from half pallet, full pallet onwards to four pallets.  Our highly qualified and trained Biopharma team know exactly the most efficient sized unit for each pharma project and will source accordingly whether by direct lease from active unit manufacturer or as an airline package. Your Cavalier personal project manager will guide you through the best options to ensure that most efficient routing is risk assessed and delivered. In line with Global Good Distribution Practice, Cavalier will provide additional data loggers complete with individual certificate of validation to actively monitor the internal temperature of your product. Whatever the location Cavalier can forward data in real-time allowing temperature data to be scrutinized by qualified person thus reducing need for product to be quarantined before release to end user.