Lou Gallipoli

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Lou is a seasoned businessman who has been running a tax and accounting company for nearly 50 years. A graduate of St Peters College, NJ with  Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Lou often declares that the most valuable lesson from the Jesuit College was how analyze and solve problems one at a time. This “one lesson” proved invaluable when Lou began working in New York City as  a lead auditor for  major financial institutions , specializing in Leveraged Buyouts.

In 1985, Lou helped structure the financing for the buyout of a European Freight Forwarders US operation which ultimately lead to his partnership in Cavalier Logistics where he has been CFO and partner for more than 2 decades.  His keen business acumen and phenomenal ability to “see through the numbers” has given Cavalier both a solid  financial base but also the ability to invest in the growth of the business. This ability has been one of the great strengths of Cavalier and has been major factor in the growth of our Bio-Pharma and Government Divisions.


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