Calculating & Balancing Carbon Emissions

Cavalier Logistics, through our partnership with EcoTransIT World, is able to provide our clients with science-based reporting of the carbon footprint for all their shipments - regardless of mode, origin, or destination.

EcoTransIT World is one of the leading and most innovative providers of emissions calculations.

Compliant to EN16528.

Compliant with GLEC Framework.

We will invest in programs that balance our carbon emissions and empower the communities in which we work. Via a process of carbon offsetting, Cavalier works toward a greener future and allows us to provide an environmentally sustainable service, without requiring operational changes to transport.

Cavalier currently offers our clients the ability to purchase Carbon Offsets through our Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions which will make your shipments carbon neutral.

Once offsets are purchased, Cavalier will provide the client with a CO2 Reduction Certificate.