Cavalier Supporting the Frontlines!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cavalier is happy to report that, as an essential business, we have not had a pause in our operations. Not only do we continue to do the important work of logistics and transportation, but we are grateful to play a part in delivering much needed supplies and pharma materials throughout the world. Allow us to recount one such delivery.

On Friday April 3rd 2020 the international department at Cavalier Logistics’ Dulles, Virginia office received a message from one of our customers, Project Hope - a charitable nonprofit organization. They were donating desperately needed N95 respirator masks, gloves and lab coats to hospitals in New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico which are battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Cockrill, International Operations Agent, fielded the call and immediately agreed to receive the shipment the following day. While receiving shipments on the weekend is not the norm and the customer was perfectly happy to wait until Monday, Mike worked with Cesar Guevara, Warehouse Manager, to quickly arrange for a Saturday delivery to Cavalier’s warehouse so as to not delay the much-needed equipment and supplies.  “If there are going to be delays in the supply chain for much-needed PPE it is not going to be at Cavalier” stated Mike, who was on site as the shipment arrived on Saturday.

Our team was ready to ship out that same day but our customer had not yet decided on the breakdown of the allocated items. On Monday and Tuesday, the warehouse team managed to take inventory, break down the shipment into their allocations and palletized them for shipment to each destination. By Tuesday night all the equipment and supplies were en route to the hospitals – 18,000 N95 respirator masks, 30,000 gloves, and 4,000 lab coats. New York was delivered Tuesday night and San Juan was the last to be delivered at 4:40pm on Wednesday!

While Project Hope was quick to send Cavalier Logistics thanks…

"Thanks so much for all of the incredible work that Cavalier has done over the last few days to turn that shipment around so quickly.  We appreciate it and I know the hospitals did as well."

                              ~ Global Logistics Director
                                 Project Hope

"Thanks for everything y'all are doing to help this global COVID-19 response effort - not just for HOPE, but for all your clients.  Without logistics, all the healthcare expertise in the world would not make a dent in this pandemic,"
                              ~ Senior Director, Global Media Relations
                                 Project Hope

…they also deserve our thanks and gratitude for the wonderful work they do globally.
Cavalier Logistics is honored to have played a role in delivering these lifesaving supplies. We are grateful to Mike Cockrill, the warehouse team and drivers (Mark and Erle) who all made this delivery possible.