Information Technology Solutions

Cavalier Logistics software systems are all developed in-house using today’s technologies and open source software.  Our Enterprise Management System (EMS) is a web based dashboard environment giving our clients global access to real time data in both transit and inventory visibility.
Our customized EMS system has the ability to build in business rules and milestone management so that even the smallest of business process or supply chain deviation is identified and reported to the customer via a screen prompt or email. 
Cavalier’s in-house EMS Program delivers a truly customized solution which will help our customers to streamline their processes, reduce costs and improves data visibility from PO inception to delivery to the end user.
Cavalier provides a full range of Systems & Technology capabilities that include:
  • IT Solutions                                                                                                                                
  • Asset & PO Management
  • Enterprise Systems Integration                                
  • GPS Asset Tracking                                                      
  • Customized Reporting   
  • KPI Visibility
  • EDI                       
  • RFID