Iraqi Oil Refinery in Mishraqi

Cavalier assists with combating sulfur fires set by ISIL

Fri 23rd December 2016
In late October, a  U.S. Government Department approached Cavalier Logistics with a difficult request to move large amounts of Fire Fighting Foam from various locations around the globe.  This would be a critical part of the effort to put out Oil Well fires intentionally set by retreating ISIL forces in Iraq.
This request for U.S. assistance came directly from the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. Many Iraqi cities with large civilian populations, such as Mishraqi and Qayyarah, were being directly affected by this scorched earth policy.
The outline of the project required 550,000 liters of foam to be picked up at production facilities in Illinois, Dammam Saudi Arabia and Bergen Norway.  The movement ultimately required a large coordinated effort by Cavalier and our local partners.
It was quickly determined that 6 chartered aircraft were needed to transport all 550,000 liters as quickly as possible to the Bagdad International Airport. From there the foam would be distributed throughout the battlefield for use by Iraqi firefighting crews.  It takes several days to completely extinguish these blazes, which tend to rage out of control.
The full force of Cavalier’s resources, logistics planning, and execution were indispensable to this project.  
The 747F airlift operations began in late October with the first of three charter flights from Oslo Airport in Norway taking off within 72 hours of the initial request.  The next 747F flight was organized a short time later from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport with another departing at the same time from Saudi Arabia.

The Iraqi Government at the highest level have expressed their gratitude to the U.S. Government for their assistance in the important mission.
Cavalier announces new Director in our London office.

Cavalier announces new Director in our London office.

Wed 23rd November 2016
Cavalier Logistics are very pleased to announce that David van Turton has joined the Cavalier team as Director of our London office.  Having spent over a decade working with premium Specialty Couriers, David brings to Cavalier a wealth of experience in global logistics, especially in the temperature controlled arena. 
Along with heading our efforts in the UK, David will also be taking a lead role in our PLN initiative and will join Cliff Wyllie and Robbie Neilson as a leading member of Cavalier’s Biopharma and Healthcare Services Division.
Welcome aboard David!
Cavalier hosts 3rd annual Pharma Logistics Network Conference

Cavalier hosts 3rd annual Pharma Logistics Network Conference

Tue 1st March 2016

Cavalier Logistics, one of the orginal founders, is pleased to announce that they will be hosting this years PLN Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  This is the 3rd conference for the growing network that was established to provide Bio Pharma shippers with a global Gold Standard of specialised freight forwarders.  The PLN has now grown to include partners from 6 continents and 25 countries.  For further information on the Pharma Logistics Network please visit or contact Mr Robbie Neilson at